Apple wants component suppliers to source iPhone 16 batteries from India

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   In a strategic move signaling Apple's commitment to India and its aim to diversify its global supply chain away from China, the tech giant has reportedly instructed component suppliers to procure batteries for the upcoming iPhone 16 models from India.

According to sources close to Apple cited by The Financial Times, the company has communicated its preference for batteries manufactured in India for the iPhone 16. The report suggests that Chinese battery makers, including Desay from China, have been urged to establish new factories in India. Simplo Technology, a Taiwanese battery supplier for Apple, has also been directed to expand its production in India for future orders, as per three individuals familiar with the matter.

“If all goes well with iPhone 16 battery supply, Apple plans to move more iPhone battery production to India,” mentioned one source close to the company.

In a related development, Japan's TDK Corp is set to manufacture lithium-ion battery cells for Apple iPhones in India. IT minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar revealed on X that the cells would be produced for Sunwoda Electronics, potentially creating 8,000-10,000 jobs in India.

Desay and Simplo are responsible for packaging the electric cells produced by TDK, sending them to assemblers like Foxconn, a Taiwanese company planning a $1.5 billion investment in India as part of its expansion strategy.

Apple's shift to source batteries from India and TDK's involvement in local manufacturing align with the company's broader strategy to reduce dependence on China for manufacturing and supply chain operations. This move comes amid escalating trade tensions between Washington and Beijing. Alongside the efforts in India, Apple has been actively increasing production in Vietnam as part of its diversification strategy.