Ukrainian Forces Hit Russian Ammo Depot in Occupied Mariupol

    In a successful operation, Ukrainian forces targeted Russian ammunition depots and concealed equipment in the occupied city of Mariupol. The strike, centered around the former Mariupol Khladokombynat, a cold storage facility, resulted in 10 Russian casualties, as revealed by Petro Andryushchenko, an advisor to the exiled mayor of Mariupol.

Reports from local residents confirmed explosions in Mariupol on Wednesday, with Russian forces attributing the blasts to air defense operations. Contrary to this claim, Andryushchenko argued that the air defense measures were ineffective. Taking to his Telegram channel, he stated, "Yesterday, 'heavenly punishment' struck the territory of the former Kladokombynat in Kalmiusky district, where the occupier had recklessly hidden ammunition and equipment."

According to Andryushchenko, Ukrainian forces successfully hit all intended targets, resulting in "at least 10 fewer Russians" who were reportedly taken away in serious condition. The development adds to the ongoing dynamics in the region as Ukrainian forces continue to resist and respond to the Russian occupation.

Andryushchenko expressed his satisfaction, stating, "Twice in a week. A nice record. Just an awesome day."

As of now, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has not issued an official comment on the current situation.

Back in early November, Andryushchenko had informed that the Russian military was establishing operational and technical depots in the city, utilizing structures like hangars, garages, and former granaries.

Recent reports from Ukrainian partisans in Mariupol, speaking to Kyiv Post, highlight an uptick in Russian occupation patrols actively searching for members of the Ukrainian resistance movement in the Berdyansk-Mariupol area. The partisans noted a resurgence in searches, door-to-door visits, and increased patrols throughout the city, signaling heightened tensions in the region.