LG Teases 2024 OLED “UltraGear” Gaming Monitors: Can Switch Between 480Hz FHD & 240Hz UHD Modes On The Go

   LG's Upcoming "UltraGear" OLED Gaming Monitors Will Feature Different Modes, Switching Between High Refresh Rate & High-Resolution

LG has gained recognition for its commitment to advancing OLED technology in monitors, particularly in integrating cutting-edge features. The company shows no signs of slowing down and intends to make a significant impact in 2024 with new additions to its high-end UltraGear lineup. Among the most anticipated are the 32GS95UE and the 39GS95QE, both poised to introduce innovative features in the realm of gaming monitors. These releases are expected to bring new possibilities and advancements to the gaming monitor landscape.

The 32GS95UE, while currently limited in details, is reported to be a groundbreaking 32-inch monitor. It is anticipated to be the first to introduce a high refresh rate and high-resolution mode. This innovation empowers gamers to dynamically adjust their display output, providing a versatile and customizable experience based on their specific usage needs.

The 32GS95UE is expected to offer a dynamic experience with its ability to switch between a rapid 480Hz refresh rate for esports or high-refresh-rate gaming scenarios and a 4K resolution mode with a 240Hz refresh rate for media consumption. This dual-mode capability aims to cater to various use cases, providing gamers with a versatile platform.

Additionally, the 32GS95UE will feature the industry's first "Pixel Sound Technology." This innovation generates sound directly through the vibrating film element of the OLED display, offering a more immersive and user-centric audio experience. This approach diverges from traditional speaker placements in monitors, potentially enhancing the overall audiovisual experience for users.

LG Electronics has a lineup of releases scheduled for CES 2024, featuring the 39GS95QE, a 39-inch curved monitor with a WQHD (3440x1440) resolution. Additionally, LG will introduce two 45-inch curved OLED monitors (45GS95QE, 45GS96QB) and a 27-inch OLED design (27GS95QE). While specific details about these products and their prices are currently unavailable, further information is anticipated to be revealed soon. These additions to the UltraGear gaming monitor series demonstrate LG's commitment to offering a diverse range of options to cater to various preferences and gaming needs.