Ben Simmons Undergoes Epidural Injection in Back, Re-evaluation Scheduled in Two Weeks

Toronto Raptors v Brooklyn Nets

   Ben Simmons' absence from the Nets lineup doesn't hurt the team much; they've shown some improvement statistically without him. The team's record is 3-3 with Simmons, but they've managed a 7-5 record without him. Notably, they secured a commendable victory over a formidable Magic team, with Mikal Bridges contributing 42 points on Saturday.

Unfortunately, Simmons is set to be sidelined for at least a couple more weeks. Coach Jacque Vaughn revealed on Saturday that Simmons underwent an epidural injection in his back and will undergo re-evaluation in two weeks. Vaughn explained the situation, stating, 

"The epidural happened within the course of this week here. It was just a part of his getting back to playing, and that is a part of his treatment, a part of his strengthening that was just a part of his getting back to a position of joining us. No setbacks. Right now he is still doing low-level stuff on the court. So no rebounding drills, no sprinting up the floor. Then, in two weeks, you'll continue to strengthen it and we'll have something hopefully for you then."

Before being sidelined by recurring back issues, Ben Simmons put up an average of 6.5 points, marking a career-high with 10.8 rebounds and dishing out 6.7 assists per game. It's worth noting that he had undergone back surgery in 2022. While Simmons showcased his playmaking abilities, his ongoing struggle with shooting and the challenge of drawing fouls remained a persistent issue.

The Nets exhibit a -5.7 net rating when Simmons is on the court and a +5.2 when he is off this season. However, it's important to note that this data is based on a small sample size, as Simmons has only played six games.

With a record of 10-9, the Nets currently occupy the No. 9 seed, positioning them as a play-in team in the Eastern Conference.