U.S. Senate Leaders Declare No Ukraine Aid Before Year's End


Democratic and Republican heads of the US Senate declared on Tuesday, December 19, that the approval of additional assistance for Ukraine won't happen before the year concludes. The ongoing negotiations between the two parties are aimed at reaching a compromise.

In a joint statement, Democrat Chuck Schumer and Republican Mitch McConnell expressed optimism, stating, "As negotiators work through remaining issues, it is our hope that their efforts will allow the Senate to take swift action... early in the new year."

Acknowledging the limited time left in the current year, they added, "In the time remaining this year, Senate and Administration negotiators will continue to work in good faith toward finalizing their agreement."

While grappling with persisting challenges, our commitment stands firm in addressing crucial requirements at the southern border and supporting allies and partners in confronting significant threats in Israel, Ukraine, and the Indo-Pacific. The Senate is resolute in not leaving these national security challenges unanswered.

Capitol Hill's announcement represents yet another obstacle for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, whose government has emphasized the urgent requirement for weapons as winter approaches.

On his third visit to the US capital in a year, Zelensky flew to Washington in mid-December to advocate for the aid.

Despite the setback, Zelensky maintains optimism. During a press conference on Tuesday, he affirmed his belief that the United States "will not betray" his nation, which is currently under siege.