Latest Galaxy S24 leaks reveal clone of Pixel 8’s Magic Eraser, more new images

 As we eagerly await Samsung's Galaxy S24 series launch, fresh details continue to emerge. In the latest wave of leaks, we've got our hands on high-quality images and insights into some intriguing AI features. Notably, the Galaxy S24 series seems to boast a feature reminiscent of Google's Pixel 8 – the Magic Eraser tool.

A snippet shared by @MysteryLupin on Twitter/X offers a glimpse into marketing materials highlighting key aspects of the Galaxy S24 series. Among these is the already-revealed Live Translate feature, leveraging AI to seamlessly translate phone calls. It's an exciting sneak peek into what Samsung has in store for tech enthusiasts. Stay tuned for more updates as we count down to the official launch event.

Diving deeper into the Galaxy S24 series features, there's a standout called "Nightography Zoom." This nifty addition works wonders by elevating the quality of low-light photos, particularly when you're zoomed in. In situations where telephoto lenses might take a back seat in low-light conditions, the application of AI enhancement steps in to enhance the overall photo experience.

On another note, sans the aid of AI, there's the intriguing "High Resolution" aspect. This simply highlights the powerful 200MP main camera on the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Meanwhile, a snippet about "Screen Display" (although it seems like a work in progress) hints at a "brighter, flatter screen" that promises to provide users with more space to engage in the activities they love. The Galaxy S24 series seems poised to offer a blend of innovation and user-friendly features. Keep an eye out for more details as we edge closer to the launch event.

Perhaps the most interesting tidbit here, though, is the “Generative Edit” feature. Samsung describes the feature saying:

Move or remove objects. Fill in empty space with Generative Edit. 
Requires Samsung account log in and internet connection.

Does the new Galaxy S24 feature sound familiar? It rings a bell, resembling Google's Magic Eraser on the Pixel 8 series. The catch? Similar functionality, but with potential differences. Google's version relies on Google Photos backup and an internet connection, causing a stir among users post-release.

What's intriguing is that despite the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 boasting superior on-device AI capabilities compared to Google's Tensor chips, Samsung's version still demands an internet connection. A curious choice. The leaked materials indicate that this feature will be available across all three Galaxy S24 devices. As we inch closer to the launch, it'll be fascinating to see how this feature stacks up against its Pixel counterpart and what users make of this connectivity requirement. Stay tuned for more insights!

In an earlier revelation today, the same reliable leaker treated us to high-quality images of the upcoming Galaxy S24 series. However, the images didn't linger long – they were swiftly taken down, presumably as part of Samsung's robust efforts to combat social media leaks. Fortunately, Digital Trends managed to snag copies before the removal, giving us a sneak peek at what's in store.

As for Samsung's official launch event, previous leaks hinted at a January 17 debut. Interestingly, a brief confirmation of this date surfaced on a Samsung website, only to be promptly taken down by the company. The anticipation builds as we approach the speculated launch date, and tech enthusiasts are eager to witness what Samsung has in the pipeline for the Galaxy S24 series. Stay tuned for the latest updates as the countdown to January 17 continues.