ASUS Teases ROG SWIFT PG32UCDP OLED: 32″ Dual-Mode Gaming Monitor, Switches Between 4K 240Hz & FHD 480Hz

 ASUS's First Dual-Mode OLED Gaming Monitor Teased: ROG SWIFT PG32UCDP With 4K 240Hz & FHD 480Hz Mode

Gamers and tech enthusiasts can anticipate a treat at CES 2024, as manufacturers unveil the latest in OLED, QD-OLED, and DisplayPort 2.1-ready monitors. Various designs have already been teased and leaked prior to the event, and now, ASUS has joined the anticipation by offering a sneak peek at its inaugural Dual-Mode OLED gaming display.

ASUS introduces the ROG SWIFT PG32UCDP OLED, a 32-inch gaming monitor characterized by an OLED panel and adorned with the distinctive ROG gaming aesthetic. The monitor stands on a three-foot stand, complemented by the iconic ROG LED at the base. With minimal bezels, the standout feature is the "Dual-Mode" technology, emerging as a significant highlight in the gaming monitor lineup for 2024.

ASUS proudly announces the ROG SWIFT OLED PG32UCDP as the world's inaugural dual-mode gaming monitor. This innovative technology enables users to seamlessly switch between the 4K 240Hz mode and the FHD (1080p) 480Hz mode on the fly. This flexibility caters to gamers who seek either higher-fidelity gaming experiences or a transition to a more competitive setting, such as eSports, with a higher refresh rate. ASUS isn't alone in adopting dual-mode technology, as LG has also teased its upcoming UltraGear OLED designs, including the 32GS95UE, which boasts a similar capability.

While specific details on other specifications remain undisclosed, indications suggest that the upcoming ASUS ROG SWIFT OLED lineup may feature DisplayPort 2.1 output. Anticipated to be premium gaming monitors, prices are expected to be on the higher side, typical for such high-end offerings. More comprehensive details, including pricing specifics for the PG32UCDP and other exciting announcements, are expected to be revealed in the coming weeks.