James Cleverly has issued an apology in the House of Commons for using "inappropriate language."

 James Cleverly has issued an apology in the House of Commons for employing "inappropriate language" in reference to a Labour MP. However, he has refuted the claim that he used a derogatory term to describe Stockton North.

The home secretary is confronting allegations that he used a swearword to characterize the Labour-run area.

In his first direct response to the controversy, Mr. Cleverly asserted that he would never insult Stockton. He said he used the term to describe the constituency's MP, Alex Cunningham.

Amidst allegations that he referred to the Stockton North constituency as a "shithole," Mr. Cleverly clarified, "For the avoidance of doubt... I did not, would not, and would never make such comments about his constituency."

Responding to a point of order raised by Mr Cunningham, the home secretary said: "I know what I said. I rejected the accusation that I criticised his constituency.

"My criticism, which I made from a sedentary position, about the honourable gentleman used inappropriate language for which I apologise.

"But I will not accept that my criticism was of his constituency because it was not."

This statement in the House of Commons raises the stakes for Mr. Cleverly, as knowingly misleading the house is a serious breach of the Ministerial Code, and ministers are expected to offer their resignation in such cases.

Mr. Cunningham countered the home secretary's claims, deeming them "untrue." 

In the House of Commons, the Labour MP expressed that Mr. Cleverly "hasn't the guts to admit to his appalling remark about my Stockton North constituency from the frontbench and apologize to the people I have the privilege of representing."

Mr. Cleverly uttered the swear word during Prime Minister's Questions on November 22.

Following Mr. Cunningham's question about child poverty rates in his constituency, a derogatory term was audibly spoken.

Addressing the matter later in the Commons on the same day, Mr. Cunningham asserted, "Before the prime minister answered, the home secretary chose to add in his pennyworth. 

"He was seen and heard to say 'because it's a shithole'. 

"I know he is denying being the culprit, but the audio is clear and has been checked, and checked, and checked again."