Federal Politician Criticizes Alberta Energy Regulator for Oilsands Leak


  Federal lawmakers have voiced criticism against the Alberta Energy Regulator during an environmental committee meeting examining two incidents of oilsands wastewater releases at Imperial Oil’s Kearl mine earlier this year.

Liberal Member of Parliament Adam van Koeverden attempted to table a motion expressing dissatisfaction with the regulator's performance. Although the motion was not subjected to a vote, it also urged a comprehensive examination into the health impacts of the industry, along with safety audits for all oilsands tailings ponds.

This development unfolded after a contentious session that involved intense questioning of Laurie Pushor, the head of the regulator. Pushor faced repeated inquiries regarding evidence suggesting the seepage of tailings from ponds into groundwater. In response, he acknowledged that some seepage is anticipated and effectively managed.

Pushor, however, cited limitations in providing detailed information, citing an ongoing internal investigation into the aforementioned releases.

Post-meeting, Van Koeverden explained that the motion was crafted out of frustration with Pushor's responses.